History of Marat

Marat is one of the oldest still operational Estonian apparel brands. We are extremely proud for our history, that started in the early 1920’s. At the very beginning the production of various woollen knitwear products was operated from our homes. As the business grew, we were able to purchase our first electrical knitting machines and start full scale manufacturing.



In the early 1930’s, Marat already employed 85 people who were producing everything from simple shirts and trousers for the working class to elegant silk hosiery for the ladies. Our product line also included various woollen pullovers, cardigans, sweaters, scarves and ties.

The name “Marat” was chosen to the company by it’s employees in 1940 after the famous French revolutionist Jean-Paul Marat. After the re-independence of Estonia, Marat was privatised and it’s main focus shifted to subcontracting various brands, such as Esprit, JC, Lindex, Seppälä etc.

The current mission of Marat is to build it’s brand through offering quality underwear, homewear and nightwear to children, women and men while relying on our rich history and following current trends. The quality of the stitchings, durability and naturality of the fabrics holds a central role in all of our collections.  We take pride in the almost 100 years of experience and hundreds of millions of product produced. This has enabled us to have a clear vision of what a perfect tricot product should be.